About Me

I'm a wonderer and a wanderer, a forever-pilgrim so used to the journey that I don't always notice it anymore. But on this earth, the journey is all we have. So I resolve to pay attention to my journey, to notice the gifts I'm given along the way, feel the feelings that rise from the middle, and find my dreams and contentment in the everyday or not at all.

I'm beloved to the Dave I love and mama to a little one who I will never deserve. I love coffee, tea, and dark chocolate, I always notice the clouds, and someday I'll learn to take a good picture of trees.

I don't think love is love without truth, even when it's hard to hear, and I believe in walking toward forgiveness even when the hurt is great and the perpetrator unrepentant. I believe that God holds you, me, all of us in His hand, or that He will if we ask him to, though we don't do that nearly enough.

I'm a quiet leader, the one who, if invited, will storm the castle from the back row. I find people fascinating, but I'd rather know them than watch them though I'm not one to break the ice. I think we would be friends if we got to know each other, but sometimes I'm too intimidated to let that happen.

I want to walk with you; I may not have the words to make sense of it or make it better, but I will stand next to you through it all and tell you what I see if you want to hear.