11 September 2008

A New Space

I look over my new space here and I'm struck by how like the rest of my life it is.

I always say that I like simplicity, clean lines, with everything in its place. But when it comes down to it, what I usually choose and have myself surrounded by involves bright color, vivid images, and varying amounts of clutter. There's a simplicity in it, but it's more complex and harder to see a pattern on first glance, like a fractal.

Welcome to this space.

I've moved over here for many reasons. I wanted to come back to blogger...I feel like I'm moving into something new in my life and have a strange desire for my space to reflect that...I want more anonymity on the web and posting at a blog that was once tied to a URL that included my full name seems counterproductive. Those are the main reasons. Beyond that, I have a vague notion that this is good for me.

I miss my old home already. It's just a bunch of data on the Internet, but it was a home, of sorts. I met so many good friends there (hopefully you all turn up here, too!), shared so much of my heart, thought so hard and so long about so many different things.

I'm not sure what will become of the old place. I'll leave it up for now, though I'll delete any links between this space and that one, at least for the time being. It's not that I don't want to embrace what's there, because I do, but because I want to be more free in what I can post and I can only do that if the blog isn't tied to my name. It's a long story, but trust me on this one. I will say this...if you email me (via the link on my profile) and we get to know each other, I'll send you that link.

Beyond all of that, come in and pull up a chair. Enjoy the art and the words. Relax into them and into yourself, if you can. I hope you enjoy your visit.


Christin said...

Hurray for new beginnings! I am excited to see what happens here.

(bet you never thought I would be the first to comment here! =) Here's to surprises!)

Christianne said...

Yay! I'm here, too! Totally migrating my links and subscriptions to this space. :)

Ingrid said...

Welcome to your new space!

Sarah said...

Christin--Yay, you're first! And that IS funny...but I'm glad you're here. You actually found it just before I released it to the world ;)


Ingrid--um...thanks, I think. Is that like walking into someone else's house and offering them something to drink?

kirsten said...

hooray, sarah!! here's to new beginnings and a new space to do with exactly as you please. it's so beautiful, so vivid and alive. it's so you.


The Gyrovague said...

Dark and edgy looking... I like it.

Now, get to talkin, so we can all hone are listening skills whil sipping a cup o tea around the fire like ol friends.

heather said...

I hated moving blogs, even though it meant I could do so much more. But I love your look! And the e.e. cummings (who was prophetic in our loss of capitalization).

Katie said...

I love it! That's so you... wall/window, warrior/princess. Very you. (And I *will* declare it while puffing out my chest with all the "authority" of someone who's known you for 11 years... ;) j/k

Did I mention that the art on here is fabulous?

love you,

Sarah said...

Kirsten--really? Because that's the person I always want to be and only sometimes feel like I am. Then again, none of us are one way all the time...I wish I could really get that in my head.

Carl--yes, sir! Well, maybe. Well...soon, I promise.

Heather--yeah...and I moved quite a few times before now...importing, exporting, restless. Yuck. But I like being able to add my own code and change things that bug me (with the help, of course, of tutorials). And I think cummings was prophetic in more than that...

Katie--Wow...thanks, friend-of-11-years. If you say it on that authority, it must be true. And I like the art, too ;)

The Poet's Pen said...

Hi Sarah
Wow, i just have to say wow. This looks great. So flamboyant. I like it. Those colors are so rich. You have some serious talent my friend.

I just got out of a class today where we touched on time management, so far i have made great use of my daily planner. I made a really nicely printed to-do list, accomplished none of it and played on the internet for....oh about 3 hours now.

I think by next semester i should have this time wasting down pat, maybe i could teach the class. Whatcha think about that?

di said...

umm, guess i should put this here too.

all switcharoo-ed! love the new banner. very vibrant! great use of your art talents!

Sarah said...

Tammy--you're funny ;) And I'm glad you like it here!

Di--aww, thanks.

The Poet's Pen said...

I am over here laughing about that goat and a slinky comment. That is funny. Sharp wit you have. I am trying to think how i would answer that question.

L.L. Barkat said...

Wow, the other side of Sarah. (Oh, hey, can we call you by name?)

Love the artwork.

And of course you KNOW I like black... yes?

Joelle said...

Sarah, your e.e. cummings poem is my number one favorite poem! During college choir we sang it to the most unreal, gorgeous music. I felt transported every time I sang it. I say the poem-prayer often, often to my God. Wow!

Sarah said...

Tammy--isn't that a great question? I had to refresh it several times before I got one that was any good, though ;)

LL-Definitely can call me Sarah ;) I think it says it by all the posts, anyway. And I didn't know you like black (though I know you've used this template), but I do now ;)

Joelle--wow..what a cool connection to the poem. Hey, do you know who composed the music you sang to? I ask because a guy at my former church is a composer and wrote a version and it would be cool if you had sung it!

It's totally a prayer...I use it, too, or bits and pieces of it. Poetry doesn't usually stick with me, but this one has.

Joelle said...

Sarah, the composer for the setting of "I thank You, God" that I sang is Rene Clausen. Fabulous dissonance that somehow makes the gratitude exuberant. Paradoxically beautiful.

Feel better soon!

Sarah said...

Joelle--not the composer I know, but definitely one i'm looking up soon. Thanks!