04 February 2009

Life is not all about forward motion

Manna, meat,
and the stuffed,
astonished faces
of Israel.
Bread of heaven
sustaining always,
if need be.
Does that mean
we'll be here

Stuck in a
darkish place.
I close my eyes and see
more dark.
Hidden behind
enveloping hands,
so close I could touch
if only I could see.

Solace and
so close, in the
dark and silent night.
More manna
makes sense
or is the answer
in the wandering?


L.L. Barkat said...

I really like the question at the end...

is the answer
in the wandering

And this too...

Manna, meat,
and the stuffed,
astonished faces
of Israel.

heather said...

This has been my cry: "if only I could see."

Sarah said...

LL--Thank you for hearing me. I suspect the answer to that question is, "yes"... blast it all!

Heather--yeah...I'm with you...not much else to say, but I'm with you.

Joelle said...

The questions caught me, too. I think they deserve less than a trite answer--silence. For who really knows? May you be fed in the wandering, friend.

christianne said...

Thank you for this, friend. It's exactly where I am and what I needed to hear, too . . . even though I don't like the true answer at the end of it all. Like you said, "Blast it!"

Sarah said...

Joelle--Maybe you're right...maybe silence is the best response to give. Though the "yes" comes from that highly intuitive place that's almost always right, so I do trust it, even when I wish I didn't have to.

Christianne--You're welcome. May you also find food on your journey.

Terri said...

oh my...i loved this a lot.

Sarah said...

Thanks, Terri.

I was reminded of this quotation and it seemed to go with my general feeling about life, lately, and this poem.

"Not all those who wander are lost."

Can I get an Amen?

Terri said...


sojourner said...

Happy Valentine's Day!


sojourner said...

PS What happened to the poet's pen??

Sarah said...

Thanks, Yvette. Great to see you here. Poet's Pen deleted her blog. Nothing terrible...but also not something I want to discuss here. Email me if you want to know more...(though my profile page).