05 March 2009

An Offering

For LL Barkat's poetry invitation this week: part poem, part essay, part vignette. It's very much confused and only about half what I wanted it to be, but I love it. It's like a baby: not nearly fully grown but beautiful nonetheless.


I went searching for grace among sea grass and dunes. Polished glass pebbles called me forward until I could see my face in placid water's stillness. Gulls called, waves ripped, and I waved to sea-turtles swimming by. If only I could come back, I could grasp grace here.

I went searching for grace among pine trees and flowers. Meadows beckoned and I followed twisty path to their heights. Peaceful wind ruffled my hair: a father's hand; great trees surrounded and kept safe: giant arms to encircle and protect. If I could live in this place, I could grip grace here.

I went searching for grace in high alpine places, beyond the trees near the sky. I climbed. Little grasses poked their way through the soil to stand, inch-high and proud. Tiny, tiny flowers showed their faces on impossible-to-pick short stems. If I could reach high enough, I could grab grace here.

I returned home without grace, so almost-but-not-quite that tears crept out when I thought of it. Grace wasn't mine, to grasp, grip, or grab. It taunted me, calling me forward, then elusive; I was left with if-only and long, lonely tears through the night.

Morning came. With it came light-joy, pouring over distant mountains and feeding night-chilled sand beneath my feet. I opened my arms and it fed me, too. Grace here. Grace unexpected. Grace near.


L.L. Barkat said...


basking in the words.

So glad you ended up doing this! : )

sojourner said...

sweet, sweet, words of grace - thank you!

christianne said...

This. Is. So. Beautiful.

Thank you, Sarah.

Sarah said...

Thanks, guys...your words give me courage.

heather said...

I like this line: "I opened my arms and it fed me, too."
It reminds me that I only need to open my arms to grace to experience it.

Joelle said...

Grace near. Always. To me in your words, especially. Grace to you, beautiful Sarah of vivid images and singing words. This is wonderful in its message and writing. Love it!

kirsten said...

this is beautiful, sarah. somehow, it's perfect that the piece you sought after eluded you. it makes me think "becoming." there's a sense of becoming about it.