09 May 2009

The Big Blog Birthday Bash

Here it is! I hope you all enjoy it.

A couple of notes on the video before I post it:

  1. It's long. I cut it off at 45 minutes and that's without answering all of the questions. That was as long as I could take staring into my computer and talking to myself.
  2. There's a chunk in the middle where the lips don't quite match the words. I used the built-in camera on my computer and the computer started overheating and so some of the video is a little screwy. All of the audio is there, as far as I can tell, so if that drives you crazy you can just listen to the middle part.
Now, without further ado, the video:

The Big Blog Birthday Bash from Sarah Winfrey on Vimeo.


christianne said...

Sarah, wow. That was amazing. I loved every minute of it. And I first want to say that you are stunning, you are gorgeous, you are sassy, you are thoughtful, you are articulate, and you rock that Superhero necklace and green blouse! Very sharp, girl. :)

(Which Superhero necklace is that, by the way? I love finding out the names of the ones people buy.)

Thanks for doing this! Thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions, and for answering all the ones I was so much wanting to know the answers to.

It's funny, what you said about the warrior princess part coming from my e-mail about the visit to Kirsten. I have always wondered if you knew that phrase before I sent the e-mail or if that was where you heard it first. :) And I agree ... that week was definitely all about the fierce beauty of speaking the truth. And pretty soon we get to be reunited again! Can't wait.

Gosh, you answered so many great questions and spring-boarded so many thoughts in me. I can't remember all that I wanted to say! But I do want to say that the way you opened the video talking to your 20-year-old self was incredibly beautiful. I trust you, and I trust God, and there is nothing irredeemable that you will choose that will cause everything to come unraveled. That was really powerful.

Oh, and I also wanted to say that your emphasis on places and images and genres of fiction that give you the feeling of having enough space was really interesting to learn. I value that having of enough space in my life, too, and in the lives of people around me and in the world in which we live. I really resonated with that desire you shared, and it was neat to hear how important that desire is to you.

Much love and blessings to you, my friend, as you now embark on your thirties!

sojourner said...

you finished! Yea! I was able to listen to the first 15 min. I'll have to return for more...you are so cute! You have such good answers for these questions, i'm impressed!

Sarah said...

Christianne--It's the Seaglass one (the Superhero necklace, that is). And you know, I'd heard the phrase "warrior princess" before but never applied it to myself ;) That took you.

Thanks so much for the honors you heap on me in your comment--I feel so loved.

Sojourner--Take your time--I tried to stay under 30 minutes...I really did ;)

L.L. Barkat said...

Okay, I'm still trying to get over the 30 thing. 30 and so amazing you are! I don't believe I was that amazing at 30.

(Am going to listen to the rest of this in pieces, btw... little treats to keep me company.)

terri said...

ok, so i finally found the time to listen to the whole thing, and this was really amazing. i know you're probably at kirsten's wedding this weekend (jealous!!!) but i just wanted to say how much i enjoyed hearing you answer these questions and share so much of yourself this way. oh, and when you told that story about the priest touching you, i could totally relate to that. i've had experiences very much like that, and you told it so well that i could FEEL it too.

love to you...

Sarah said...

LL--Thanks. I don't feel very amazing, but I'll try to take your word for it. I hope you enjoy it in little bits.

Terri-Love to you, too. Thanks for listening.