21 June 2010

Giving thanks

May I never forget that there's no place so dark that light doesn't shine through somewhere. Today I'm tired, but I still give thanks (for) . . .

1. Little hands reaching for my face.
2. The daddy who loves her, so very much.
3. Parenthood as an object lesson, teaching me that gentleness and faithfulness aren't characteristics of the weak.
4. Water reviving droopy leaves.
5. Strength that comes day by day.
6. Sparkly green bangles.
7. 750 words
8. The stories still bumping around in my head, someday to be written.
9. Giggles that erupt from my baby's belly.
10. Her special, wake-up smile.


terri said...

what a treat to find you here again so soon, and giving thanks which is such a contagious thing. i'm thankful for you today.

christianne said...

Okay, so I'm totally intrigued by 750words.com. How cool is that?! Thanks for sharing!

I also like how you said that you've been learning that gentleness and faithfulness aren't characteristics of the weak. I got to thinking about, especially in the context of parenthood (which, admittedly, I haven't experienced), and could see truth in it. It takes strength to keep showing up each day to care for a little one. It takes strength to choose gentleness when reactionary and explosive emotions are more present right at the surface.

kirsten michelle said...

Bless you, Sarah. Gratitude is contagious and re-minds us toward what our hands already hold.



Sarah said...

@Terri - Yeah, I think I'm realizing that maintaining some sort of presence here is important to me, for some reason. To get myself out of my own head sometimes, if for no other reason ;)

@Christianne - 750words has saved journaling for me as a mom. I tried and tried to do it for several months and just couldn't. But somehow it's easier to find the time to log on and type my thoughts out, and, honestly, the silly achievements motivate me to do this thing that's good for me even when I don't want to.

@Kirsten - I love how you put that, " . . . toward what our hands already hold." Isn't that so much of life? Holding on to the right things and letting go of the rest?