01 February 2011

Where do you find courage in your everyday?

Thank Jesus for internet! Ours has been out all day due to this storm and I've been wanting to share with you all.

I have an article up at Ungrind, on a topic that's increasingly close to my heart. This is something that I'm walking through daily, one of my own growing edges, and I'm excited to share it in this venue.

I believe it takes courage to live out our normal days. What do you think? And where do you see your courage coming through?


terri said...

congratulations sarah! i hear you about the courage it takes to live in the mundane. sometimes i have to convince myself that it matters that i'm here. sometimes it takes all the courage i can muster to get my feet to make contact with the floor in the morning. or sometimes it takes courage to dream and take one little step in that direction.

courage to you, friend.

christianne said...

This is a beautiful article, Sarah. I was struck several times while reading it by your courage in even writing it: speaking out loud the hard things, telling God (and readers) what you really think. That really moves me.

michelle said...

i loved your post over at the ungrind. and totally relate.
somedays I'd rather jump off a mountian ( with chutes)...than make breakfast, pack lunch, do dishes, do laundry, repeat.
finding joy in the ordinary sometimes takes more courage than jumping.

kirsten michelle said...

This is extraordinary, Sarah -- extraordinarily beautiful. What you're doing matters.

Courage on, dear friend.