22 August 2009

No, I haven't given up blogging

I'm just tired. And busy. And more tired. And the words that used to flow for this place now come slowly and it feels like I have to pull them out of my gut letter by letter. Mostly, I think I'm tired. Growing a baby is more work than it seems it should be...not to mention growing a mama.


sojourner said...

you're off the hook then :0)

kirsten michelle said...

take care of yourself and your growing little girl. :o)

Tammy said...

Hey. You are not off the hook. I am devastated over this, now, Sarah.

Jus messin with you. :) BUT, we expect to see wee little Sarah on the blog some time soon.......well you know, after you recuperate of course.

You've come a long way baby from a pet turtle. If I had a baby I would try to trade it in on a turtle. Is that legal or just cold?

You know to filter my weirdness by now right?

Sarah said...

Thanks, y'all ;)

And Tammy, your comments are almost enough to make me think up something (ANYTHING) to blog about just so I get to see more of them!!!

Tammy said...