05 January 2010


There's room to breathe, here in this place. Like the turtle I once loved, I feel myself stretching my head out, looking around to see what things look like. Maybe now there will be time to reflect, ask, ponder, answer.

I'm moving in, inhabiting this place. It's a place my heart knows so well. Home.

My body also knows this place. Breath by breath, beat by beat, I come to rest in the quiet.

There's space for me, here.

It won't last. Slowness like this almost never does.

In our crazy world, getting to move slowly is a luxury and, like most luxuries, comes in seasons. This particular season will be ended by the squalling arrival of the little one, one who already interrupts and whose interruptions are usually welcome. Since I can't exactly stuff her back inside once she's out (and wouldn't ever choose to!) I'll emerge from my slowness to do what needs to be done.

That doesn't mean that the slow place isn't home, though it's more like Home-That-Will-Be instead of Home-That-Once-Was. I'm not sure this world could sustain itself at the pace I would choose to live, but I'm almost positive heaven can.

All the same, it's good to be slow for a time, even here. It's good to accept the season, moving in harmony with it, not trying to disarm it prematurely.



kirsten michelle said...

I can't tell you how many times recently I've told J: I just want to slow down and catch my breath. Why must everything move around me so fast? The fast pace is something I mourn and something that (most days) feels entirely beyond my ability to control.

Live here. Breathe here.

Blessings to you.

christianne said...

oh my goodness.

it seems you and i were traversing and similar wavelength today. i just posted something that covered such similar territory: slowness is most home-like for me, yet the slowness is but temporary.

i've had more slowness than most get in life. for that, i will always be grateful.

i found your thoughts on home-that-will-be (in heaven) so incredibly comforting in this place. thank you. the thought brought tears to my eyes.

love you. and so glad you're getting some space to slow down, breathe, look around, think, pray. xoxo

Tammy said...

You know I am sitting here chuckling because just after I read this post (before reading your comments).....I thought, "You know that sounds so much like something Christianne would say, or write."

And then I started reading Christianne's comment. (I have not read the blog she is talking about yet either.) So, that is weird huh? You two must be channeling one another.

I am not referring to the main point (as Christianne mentioned there). That is not what I mean because I have yet to read her blog. I mean the wording, the tone, and the flow of the writing sounded somewhat like Christianne's voice to me. Very interesting that is. (I was channeling Yoda there. Could you tell?)

However, with all of that being said, you are still my very unique Sarah whom I love.

I am glad you found a place to sorta flow down stream, without waves or fast paced currents.....just resting. Me, I cannot handle fast paced living.....(must be a Southern thing).

If there is too much upheaval at one time I check out- mentally and physically. THAT is when I start channeling Jesus and Diana Ross at the same time. I stand on top of the kitchen table in a Diana Ross pose and I yell, "STOP."

Come to think of it, I tried to teach my neighbor how to do that and I got sprayed with mace........picky picky, they wanted me to introduce myself first. It must have been the trench coat and night goggles that provoked them to call the police....I don't know. I was just trying to be a hospitable neighbor. You just can't please people these days.

You know, this is a really good example of one of those totally off topic blog comments that I was talking about.

Bye Sarah...... :) I am off to see Christianne.

Tammy said...

Oh hey, I forgot to mention I miss cummings.......... :(

Jenny Jack said...

ahhhhh...breathe out. Thank you for posting this. It is in the stillness of God that I find my ability to move toward his activity.

Ann Kroeker via HCB said...

I really enjoyed this and plan to highlight it at HighCallingBlogs.com tomorrow morning.

So glad to get to know you better!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Ann! I'm honored. I apologize for not getting back to you sooner--I had my baby about 4 hours before you posted this!!