30 August 2010

Days Like Today

Day like today, I don't know what to write. 

Day after weekend overwhelming, crying because babe won't eat, our tears mingling, hers and mine, over a spattered plastic tray. Day after night awake because she's awake, teeth hurting and time-to-play, Mama. Again our tears, hers in her bed and mine in mine, praying that we both would rest. Day after beach party long, where we left before it was over because the wind came cold and little feet froze.

Day where back-to-work feels weary and I long, again, to make our house a home and not wilt behind this desk. 

Day where answering "how are you?" feels like a litany of what-went-wrong and I'm tired of living in that place. 

Day like today, I'm thankful for:

Air conditioning
Trinkets on my desk that remind me of friends who send love
Baby, curled and sleeping, when I left this morning
Finally beginning to settle into our fall schedule
Good conversations with new friends
Remembering to laugh with him
Fish tacos
Prayer that's like breath
How he calls to check up on me
This, because it made me laugh this morning


Heather said...

I had to send that link to my husband! Hilarious!

Sara said...

Prayer like breath, exactly. Keep breathing.

As always a delight to splash around in goodness with you today.


Misty said...

yes, i hate those hard days, too. and i'm sorry for the hard season w/ your little one. i can only offer up biggest hugs and encourage you to continue laughing and prayer-breathing b/cs that's all we can do!

emily wierenga said...

oh friend... i've had a week like this... my love and prayers to you, sweet mama. i hope you might join me for imperfect prose--or at least, read through people's entries and be encouraged. love to you. xo

Joelle said...

Ah. Bless you, dear one! A hug and a smile and a nap to you.