24 October 2011

Not All Who Wander Are Lost (or So They Say)

More than a month (nearly two!) since I've occupied this place in any meaningful way, and so much between then and now that truly catching you up is more than I could do, because I'm not caught up yet myself. But here's the summary:
  • a week in Nevada, at WorldCon (why, yes, we are nerds!), where we learned that toddlers and conferences are not entirely incompatible, but are also not the best-synced things on the planet
  • a week in Virginia, teaching
  • a week in Philadelphia, visiting friends
  • a car, a train, a taxi ride, my first solo hotel-stay, another taxi ride, a bus, two airplanes, and another car ride to get home
  • a phone call, in the middle of the train ride, telling me they'd offered the job we'd given up on and we had two days to decide which life we wanted
  • the decision to accept the job and turn the world temporarily helter-skelter
  • a whirlwind trip 50 miles away to find a place to live
  • a nearly perfect house
  • a phone call from the doctor (just as we were putting the deposit on the house) and a somewhat complicated situation where they thought I had gestational diabetes but I didn't
  • a week of pricking my finger 4 times a day to PROVE I didn't have GD
  • a fortnight with the husband only home on the weekends because he stared working before the house was available
  • packing packing packing
  • another pregnancy-complication scare, this time because my blood pressure skyrocketed (Lest anyone panic, it has since gone down. They took it the day before we moved . . . actually, I should just have the doctors read this list before they decide to get worried again!)
  • moving moving moving
  • unpacking like crazy, in case the babe decides to come early
  • a toddler who doesn't do well with transitions (I'm starting to think she's a highly sensitive person, like her mama)
And today it's his birthday and we'll celebrate next weekend because we're still too tired and disjointed to figure out what to do on a Monday night. We face a wall that has to be painted (a baby boy just cannot move into a room with a pink wall), a basement we have to figure out how to heat, helping our bella girl figure out that her world really hasn't ended after all, and figuring out how to connect with people in this new place.

But all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well. Thank God for Julian!


terri said...

Oh my. That list made me feel dizzy and tired. I'm so glad for at least the prospect of settling in. So sorry you're darling girl has been having a difficult time with the transition. Yes, I think she is sensitive. And there are much worse things on the Earth. Sensitive can be very very good.

Peace, my friend.


christianne said...


I have followed you along on this journey, and prayed with you through several occurrences along the way, but seeing it all listed out in one place makes me realize just HOW. MUCH. you have all gone through.

Poor Mirren. Her world has changed in a big way twice this year. I'll be keeping her in my prayers. And you too. And happy birthday to Dave!


Heather said...

And all this on limited to no caffeine! Oy vey.

Joelle said...

Amen. Well, it all shall be. Hoping so, for you.