12 July 2010

Thank you


Generous offers from people I barely know
Beads on a string
The ability to comfort her, and be comforted in the process
Happy morning smiles
Joyful banging
Morning coffee, when the smell is as good as the taste
How many people love her, and how much they love
Giving driving directions from out of state
A job for Isaac
Gentle light, easing through my windows


Tammy said...

You know what? This blog takes serious faith to write. You are giving thanks in the middle of what feels like: "No Thanks." That's huge!!

I have found that when Jesus finds us bent over like a wilting flower with our faces to the ground, He comes along and lifts us up. He places us in his tender care and nurses us back to health again.

He does not walk by and scoff at our wilting state, nor does he tread upon our dying, swiveled leaves. He gives tender heed to us until we are strong, vibrant, and alive once more.

Love to you Sarah.

Tammy said...

You know I am looking back over this comment thinking to myself: "Now if you only knew how to believe that for yourself."
Just a thought. Sometimes I guess I don't believe my words of comfort belong to me. Hmmmm? Yes. And this would be why I failed Christianity 101.