10 September 2010

Better Late than Never

Labor Day we spent in the sun, soaking it and each other in. We walked by the sea, and by homes so large we realized we wouldn't even want them, and we were thankful for our small lives, for normal and daily and little and good.

I'm also thankful for these:

  • the amazing little personality emerging in the baby
  • how he always thinks I can do it, even when I'm ready to walk away
  • how she sleeps on her tummy now, knees curled under like she's about to crawl away (and sometimes she does, across her crib and in her sleep)
  • the clouds that didn't burn off today
  • the joys of "hot" in the fall: hot tea, hot coffee, hot soup
  • that we're finally all sleeping through the night
  • finding new "favorite places" even after I've lived here more than 10 years
  • anticipating a move to "I know not where"
  • new connections and meanings for my daughter's name (Mirren = Mary)
  • Thai yellow curry with potatoes
  • little turtle faces poking out
  • my soft pillow every night


Brian Miller said...

oo curry is good...but i love the little insights from the baby...my boys have taught me so much through the years...smiles.

L.L. Barkat said...

these are wonderful little things to be happy about. i especially liked the turtles.

i remember those purple flowers! :)

emily wierenga said...

for normal and daily and little and good... this brought tears, friend. might we get together sometime? you are kindred. xo

Laura said...

These blessings made me sigh glad. Did you paint those lovely flowers? A word and picture lady...just beautiful!

Sarah said...

Brian - Kids are great for teaching us thing we should have known already ;)

LL - I love those flowers. I feel similarly about turtles.

Emily - Emailed you . . . definitely kindred

Laura - I did paint the flowers! Thank you!

Misty said...

oh sarah, first, thanks for stopping by my place. second, i adore every little thing on your list (turtles, squee!), but third... i think i adore you most for having ray bradbury AND one of my all time fave ee poems on your sidebar. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. :)

Sarah said...

Hi Misty. I don't know where I first saw your blog . . . maybe High Calling? Thanks for your sweet words, though . . . and turtles are, simply, grand.