30 September 2010


I'm quiet now, inside and out. Tired, thankful, and quiet.

External silence is something I love so much that I crave it, but internal silence takes some time to get used to. I'm not much of a talker, but I usually have words to write, to share, to give. Finding myself wordless always makes me stop sharp, stop and look, to play with the color of life and put my hands back in the water and play.

I've been trying since last night to find the words I want to write today, to pick them out of the great cloud that is the English language and put them in the right order. They keep escaping, and finding words when they aren't ready to be found is like trying to hang on to a handful of sand. So I'm quiet today, waiting for the words to spill again.

Sharing my quiet with Emily today.


terri said...

visiting you on tip-toes to whisper hello and keep you company in your silence.

Laura said...

love the silence for today. the words you shared are enough. you are enough.

deb said...

oh, I love quiet.

how brilliant of you to share it and know that it is enough.

Misty said...

i fumbled w/ today's post. i chafed against the words i really wanted to spill (about brokenness and hopelessness) but i was afraid, and even when i tried, the words came out all wrong.
and so i quit (always advisable when you're flat)
but came back w/ my sweet memory of my last night's rendevous w/ my 4yo. sometimes quiet is good b/cs it fills you back up.

christianne said...

I can relate to wordlessness. Have had a lot of that over the last couple years. I'm with you ... sometimes they aren't ready to be found, and forcing them wouldn't be the answer, and so we wait. The waiting can be hard, but it can also be a relief from the force of making something come that isn't ready yet.

emily wierenga said...


do you know how i love

that you shared your quiet?

how you made me long for this