18 November 2010

Last Weekend

Words fail.

I spent a way-too-short weekend with Kirsten and Terri, remembering Ewan, grieving him, and just being together, and I cannot sum it up.

Some things are un-summable.

But I will say this: people who dismiss the Internet and electronic communication as a way of finding true community are wrong. They aren’t always wrong or wrong in everything they say, but they only need look at last weekend to know that you can find true Anne-and-Diana bosom friends online.

That is all.


terri said...

yes. amen. i have been reaching around for words that won't come too.

it's just too bad that the internet can't close the actual distance between us all. it's a difficult thing to have your friends scattered all over kingdom come.

i miss you. i miss kirsten. i miss james. i miss ewan.


christianne said...

If this were Facebook, I would "like" this post. :)

I'm still so thankful you all were together. I am sure there are many, many stories held closely inside from that time, stories that don't have words right now but still are real because they happened and they mattered.

Love you.