01 November 2010

One Day We'll Wake

Girl giggles burble up from her middle. That little laugh is music, balm even, to a stretched mama soul. Of all the sounds, that's the one I choose night after night when he asks me which was the best moment of my day.

And then he reaches strong, warm hand to me, and we pray. Simple words, asking for rest and peace, praying that it all gets done, and that there's more rest on the other side.

I won't say that the days I'm living right now are easy ones, ones I would put on "Repeat" and play over and over and over again. But I wouldn't wish them away, either. I wouldn't wish us secure and oblivious to the larger questions that loom. I wouldn't wish that we would choose safety over possibility. I might wish a more gradual slope for our ascent (or is it a descent now?), but I wouldn't take the climb away.

After all, the night is not forever. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. The night is not forever. And afterwards, there is morning.

Thank God for morning . . .

 . . . and for baby giggles
and husband strength
and the monkey suit
and how much she loves pears (like her Daddy, this one)
and family who say, "Come and stay"
and for Julie Bee, who I will miss
and new relationships, flowering even as we plan to leave
and homemade pizza, warm and heartening
and for enduring love.

With Ann today . . .


Karmen said...
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Karmen said...

I love how you bring light into what might be seen as darkness. I pray that your move is a smooth one and that rest will come for you on the other side

terri said...

have i ever told you how much i love your thankful heart? and the sound of your voice? and the way you bump words together to wake up my soul? i feel like i especially needed that today. truly.

i can't wait to meet you.

Sarah said...

I get to meet Ter-ri, I get to meet Ter-ri. Who me? Excited? Not in the least?

christianne said...

You are so beautiful, my friend.

Rejoicing with you for these gifts you love, and for the rest you and Dave are seeking on the other side. May it come. May it come.

Joelle said...

That first sentence is poetry and living image. Love it! And love you! You beautiful human-woman-mama-writer-wife-creature-you!