16 May 2011


A couple of months ago, we took the baby to the ER. There wasn't much of a choice in the matter - she'd jammed a hard straw into her soft palate and it was still bleeding after several hours. When we could finally see it, the gaping hole she'd made was, all in all, rather spectacular.

Middle of the night, doctors alternately loving on her and hurting her, hours pass because the ENT is out or asleep or something. And then stitches, holding her down because the medicine (3x the usual dose for one drug and more than 1 dose of another) wasn't working and she wouldn't just sleep and so she arched against 5 of us as he stitched away.

Two weeks later, baby healed but the bills arrived. Not so much, but more than we could factor into our meager budget right now. Cue panic, mama searching all of the accounts to find a way to pay for the care she had to have, daddy lamenting, again, the lost job and wishing he could provide.

Help asked, applications submitted and . . . bills covered. If we owe after this, we will be able to pay. But it doesn't look like we will owe anything. Nothing.

Truly, God holds the little ones, wraps them up in his big, strong arms and carries them when there's nothing else to be done. If only we could all live as little ones . . .

Thanks, today, for:
-baby hale and healthy
-doctors who know what they're doing
-the relief of knowing all is paid
-time to write this week
-husband has one class (one very important class) down
-baby curls
-little one finally growing out of clothes


Sharon Wang said...

Oh Sarah! Poor Mirren, and poor you guys as her parents! It drives me crazy how long you have to wait to at the Urgent Care and the ER. I know they have a triage system, but when it comes to a baby, it seems like they should be seen right away!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I can only imagine your heartache having to witness her pain... I remember when Taylor needed surgery, albeit minor, surgery is surgery. I was allowed to be in the operating room with her while they knocked her out and it was an excruciating experience for me!
Hang in there girl - God does bless the little ones... He's blessed our little ones over and over again!

Laura said...

Grateful for His holding hands too. Sending so many blessings your way, Sarah. Life is bumpy this way.

Heather said...

How often do I arch my back and scream when God's trying to give me the stitches I need? I'm teaching tomorrow night on trusting God, and it made me think about that.

christianne said...

I'm so glad to hear the doctor's bills have been paid. What an answer to prayer! xoxo