12 May 2011

Water Falls Like Diamonds

The sky is wet and, therefore, so are we. The sandbox and the swimming pool are not longer distinguishable from one another, and the baby is slowly going (and driving the rest of us) stir-crazy.

Still, the rain is blessed. The tomatoes may die and the rest of the population might moan, but this is what it means to have seasons. These unexpected blessings, two days of rain after a week of 70+, and I choose to take the bad with the good because I've lived without seasons. It's not always a ton of fun, either.

Life. Sometimes I think I'd chose a life without seasons over the type of season we've had recently. 18 months of . . . not quite winter, but of days like today. Life feels thick with clouds, pressing in and keeping most of the light away. And it has carried the hassle of rain, of either getting wet or juggling umbrella along with diaper bag, purse, water bottle, and baby every time I leave the house.

And yet . . . and yet. There's always that "and yet," it seems. Something that wiggles its way forward, that waves hands in air and asks me if maybe, just maybe, things aren't as black and white as they seem.

And yet. Without the rain things don't grow. I keep telling myself that, and I have said it over and over these months. It's hard, not knowing what's been planted, not knowing what sort of crop all this rain is tending, not knowing if, really, there's anything growing that would make all this rain worthwhile. But maybe. Maybe. MAYBE. Maybe there is.

I find myself left with another question, yet again not quite sure if I can answer. IF there's something growing that needs all of this rain to sprout and blossom and seed, would I sacrifice it for days of easy sunshine and stagnant soul?


Anonymous said...

Since we have absolutely no grass in our front yard I have been praying that maybe, just maybe we will see some green after this. So, maybe it's raining (snowing) for me :)

emily wierenga said...

I choose to take the bad with the good because I've lived without seasons.

oh sarah, this is so wise. i'm going to dwell on it today. and your last question: stopped me in my tracks. i don't even know what my answer would be. you are a beautiful soul, friend. love to you.

Joybird said...

Maybe. MAYBE. Maybe there is.

I hear the whispered hope and I share it. I hope there is a brilliant, precious harvest growing in your wet fields. Sweet and green and hearty.

Joybird said...

I believe there is. I believe each season has it's own crop, it's own purpose. I believe the Gardener who is overseeing this is purposeful. I just don't always feel this. And yeah, I'm not sure what my answer to your last question would be. It's a pretty great question.

Joelle said...

And here, NM, I'm wishing for rain. Does seem there is a miserable imbalance of resources, that some places/lives get more of something than is absolutely good for them. Yet, as my mother says, "God always plants daffodils in the devil's mud puddles." Hoping for you, Sarah!